Github Actions, Discord and some more

October 3, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Version 0.9.3 was released, these are the highlights:

Raveberry uses continuous integration to run tests and publish new versions. With the last release, Raveberry moved from Travis to Github Actions. Travis recently changed their rules and tiers, granting a one-time 1000 minutes of build time. Additional time is available to non-free tiers and open source projects. However, build time for open source projects requires needs to be requested and is granted on a case by case basis. For some more information on the changes in Travis I recommend this article by the author of curl.

I took this opportunity to move the CI from Travis to Github Actions, which does not have this limitation and feels more convenient to use. Migrating required some config-tweaking, but I'm happy with the result. I also added a job that tests the system install for each version. Recently there were some issues with the installation process, these should be caught earlier now.

Additionally, the Discord bot for Raveberry is up to date again. Due to changes in Raveberry's API it was broken for quite some time, but now it works again. Maybe this could be an alternative for those seeking for a selfhosted music bot after Rhythm and Groovy were shut down.

There were some other improvements in the latest version as well:

  • The database is now registered in the search plugin correctly. Previously, new songs would not show up as suggestions because the search index was not updated.
  • Clearing the input field is easier, the area where the 'x' can be pressed is actually reasonable now. Previously misclicks happened regularly.
  • If two suggestions are identical (e.g. two versions of the same song), the duration of the songs is shown so they can be differentiated.
  • When connecting to a server for remote access, the bind address can be specified in the settings. This is helpful for docker setups on the server side.


Raveberry is a multi user music server that allows democratic selection of songs.