Quality of life improvements, more refactoring and /pad deprecation

July 5, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

There were quite some changes in 0.6.14 since the last post:


  • More options. The ssid of the hotspot can be specified during setup. The number of suggestions is now customizable, in total and per service.
  • Logged in users can now vote as well. Before the admin had to either log out or open a private tab so they could vote.
  • It is now easier to run the icecast docker setup without a stream password. No need for config editing, only STREAM_NOAUTH has to be passed to docker-compose.
  • Since the little x in the input field is a little small, the cursor now scrolls to the right after clicking the field, allowing text deletion with the keyboard.


  • A lot of refactoring happened. Files are now smaller and more modularized.
  • Releases contain prebuilt css and js files, so they don't need to be generated in every install.
  • Docker containers are split even more. There is no need for a shared static-files volume anymore.
  • The configuration file persists between web-interface installs. Before, the config was reset at every install.


  • The /pad feature will probably be removed soon. I don't think anybody actually used it (or even knew it existed).


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