v0.6.4: Soundcloud, auto-upvoting and more

May 24, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Now that was a busy last two weeks. Here are the biggest changes:

Ravberry can now play Soundcloud songs: Together with Youtube, Spotify and Local files this is the fourth backend. Like with every other Platform, playlists, autoplay and the auto-suggestions (robot icon) are working.

Auto-upvoting: That was on my todo-list for a long time. Now each song that is requested will automatically receive one upvote from you (just like here on reddit). This has the nice side effect of comfortably being able to add a backup playlist. Songs from a playlist do not receive this one vote, as they were not explicitly enqueued, and every other song will enqueue before them.

I also did a lot of under the hood refactoring in order to provide these two features. That was a lot of fun, it's always great if software becomes simpler instead of more complex. The music-request process is still not the most beautiful code out there, but slowly it's getting better. For example, songs that are downloaded are not a special case anymore and behave like any other item in the queue.

Together with someone on Github we also managed to (finally) pinpoint the bluetooth issue: The pulsaudio module was not loaded on boot. I wonder how that ever worked, but now it should be less of a problem. There even is a dropdown in the settings where you can choose your output device.

Always happy to hear feedback. Have a great day :)


Raveberry is a multi user music server that allows democratic selection of songs.